Hello again! In this video I demonstrate how I utilize a wonderful program called D3Splint to design an upper anterior depgrogrammer. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. In the next video I will show the design of an opposing flat plane. This method will allow you to fabricate great fitting occlusal splints very economically in your office.

Scanner: CS3600. Software: D3Splint Printer: Moonray S Resin: Nextdent Ortho Clear

On a practice management side note: considering this software has free exports much like meshmixer, once you train up an auxiliary team member to do this, total cost for making a splint could be under $25, and that includes paying your team member for their time.

A 1 liter bottle of NextDent Ortho Clear retails for about $300. Total resin for the print in this video was 12 mL. That also includes the opposing splint coming up in the next video. That would make the total cost of resin for this case come in under $4.00. That’s pretty darn reasonable to me!

To learn more about D3Splint or to order the software visit: