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Anodizing Titanium How-To

I had shared a reel on IG showing me anodizing titanium abutments in house. I received a lot of questions about that, so I recorded this video going in more depth about the process, materials needed, and also linked to the equipment and materials I use. Hope this helps!

Materials you’ll Need


Titanium wire for current

Power Supply

Baking Soda

Grounding Plate

2023 Live Courses

January 27-28: Adult Cosmetic Ortho at 3D Dentists Nashville

March 31-April 1: Digital Aligner Bootcamp sponsored by AOS in Dallas

April TBD: Digital Aligner Bootcamp in Kansas City

May 4-6: 3D Dentists Summit in Nashville

August TBD: Adult Cosmetic Ortho at 3D Dentists Nashville

September 8-9: Digital Aligner Bootcamp sponsored by AOS in Dallas

October 6-7: Digital Aligner Bootcamp in Kansas City

2022 Live Courses

3D Dentists- Adult Cosmetic Ortho

August 26-27. Nashville TN

Adult Cosmetic Orthodontics


Digital Aligner Bootcamp

November 11-12. Alsip, IL at the GC Education Center

New Course! Digital Aligner Bootcamp coming June 10-11, 2022

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About this course:

Located at the amazing GC America Headquartes in Alsip, IL outside of Chicago.

Providing orthodontics is about more than just giving our patients great smiles. Orthodontic treatment can oftentimes be used alone, or in tandem with other treatment modalities as part of a larger treatment plan. Orthodontics can serve our patients as an alternative to surgical or more invasive procedures. Ortho can also assist us in improving tooth position that will in turn give us better restorative outcomes. Unfortunately most dentists do not receive applicable orthodontic training in dental school. This course aims to remedy that.

This course is meant to be a launching pad for dentists looking to bring orthodontic solutions into their service mix via aligner therapy. It is also meant to introduce the power of digital dentistry and show how providers can leverage this technology for treatment using aligners no matter what system they use. Not only does this lead to significant cost savings, but can lead to both great efficiency and improve clinical outcomes.

Course Objectives:

General Concepts:

  • The role of orthodontics in a general practice
  • Screening and Diagnosis
  • Taking proper records and photography
  • Systematizing how to think about orthodontic planning
  • Explaining the different modalities of treatment available today
  • Develop a criteria for cases to understand what to treat and what to refer

Orthodontic Foundations:

  • Understand what makes teeth move
  • Determine how teeth need to move for the desired result
  • Understand clear aligners and how those forces vary from brackets
  • Learn the different mechanics used to establish arches, and the relative difficulty of each

Orthodontic Movements:

  • Leveling and aligning an arch
  • How to open a deep bite
  • How to close an open bite
  • How to create space to unravel crowding
  • How to close space in spacing cases
  • How to utilize IPR safely, predictably, and efficiently

Blue Sky Plan Workflow:

  • How to use the orthdontics module
  • How to generate ceph reports
  • How to design aligner cases

3D Printing and Lab Processing:

  • Understanding outsourcing vs In-House printing options
  • Materials used for aligners and IBT’s
  • Printer settings and tips
  • Aligner Fabrication

Marketing and Implementation:

  • Developing your own “brand”
  • Developing your own white-label packaging
  • Educating and training your team
  • How to start having conversations with your existing patients about ortho.

Course Outline:

Day 1:

  • Why orthodontics?
  • Orthodontics role in everyday dentistry
  • How orthodontics fits into our treatment planning
  • Learn what you can treat, and more importantly, what to refer
  • Learn how to spot red flags and potential trouble
  • Brackets vs Aligner; understand how the mechanics vary between the two
  • Aligners and attachments
  • Arch development
  • Level, Align, De-rotate
  • Opening bites
  • Closing bites
  • Gaining Space
  • Closing space

Day 2:

  • Hands-on Blue Sky Plan training
  • Ceph Analysis
  • Digital Model Preparation
  • Tooth Segmentation
  • Placing Attachments
  • Staging cases
  • Digital Bracket Placement
  • IBT design
  • Creating your own aligner brand
  • Clever packaging and marketing
  • On-boarding your team
  • Creating your implementation strategy
  • Starting the ortho conversation with your patients

Ortho Foundations coming to St. Louis!

Another course date has been set for our Ortho Foundations course! We’ll be coming to St. Louis, MO on March 6th and 7th.

This is the stuff that I wish I would have known starting out. Learning how to really see a case, and what to look for. Learning the actual fundamentals of orthodontics and not just a “system” to try and shoehorn everybody into.

Welcome to the new page!

Hello all! My name is Matthew Standridge and this is my new website geared toward dental professionals. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from many great teachers and mentors over the years and I wanted to pay it forward. Topics of interest include orthodontics (brackets, aligners, cosmetic, comprehensive, early treatment, you name it), utilizing lower-cost digital software and technology to lower the barrier of entry for practitioners, dental implants, and generally cool clinical tips and tricks.

Stay tuned for more content to come!