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Month: August 2019

New Course! Ortho Foundations, Oct 25-26th in Wichita, KS

Here it is: The Ortho Foundations course is up and running! To say I’m excited is an understatement. My big goal is to demystify orthodontic concepts, and show how movements can be achieve either by brackets OR aligners! We’ll also be going over how to leverage digital technology for more efficient treatment, significant reduction in overhead, and improved clinical outcomes.

First course date is set for October 25th and 26th in Wichita, KS. Event information can be found here:

This is the stuff that I wish I would have known starting out. Learning how to really see a case, and what to look for. Learning the actual fundamentals of orthodontics and not just a “system” to try and shoehorn everybody into.

More dates and locations to come!!

Fixing Denture Scan in Meshmixer

This video demonstrates fixing any “holes” in a denture scan using Meshmixer. This patient is wanting a new set of dentures. Considering her VDO and lip support were appropriate, we scanner her existing set, which I will then print duplicates of.

Dentures scanned with the CS3600 intraoral scanner. Will print duplicates using the Moonray S 3D printer and NextDent MFH resin

Quick Keys used:

B = Smooth Boundaries

Ctrl + B = Bridge

Shift + T= Soft Transform

Analysis – Inspector to finish filling holes

Blue Sky Plan: Converting Intraoral Scans to Models

Hello again! In this video I am going to demonstrate how I use a FREE feature of blue sky plan for my general digital model work. Here I take raw intraoral scans, clean them up, and turn them into print ready models. I also hollow them to save on resin. This is a handy feature, and much quicker and more efficient than having to use a program like meshmixer.

Use this video to practice, or train a team member to be your printing champion!

Exocad WMW Crown #31 (Time Lapse)

Hello again. This is a quick time lapse video demonstrating a crown design on the new Matera version of Exocad. In the near future we’ll have our in-office mill and I’ll demonstrate the bridge to that as well. Scan was performed using the Carestream CS3600

Music info: Motivate Me by Mixaund | Music promoted by

Single Crown Design in Exocad

I’ve been getting more questions about the workflow in Exocad for basic bread and butter dentistry. This shows an example of a full coverage crown. Nothing glamorous. Now while the video is longer because I was taking my time, it should be noted normal time to design a crown is about 5-6 minutes. The scanner used here is was the CS 3600. Designed in Exocad. Sent to Alien Milling for fabrication and staining/glazing of crown. This combination can be a very cost-effective way to get into digital dentistry. I do have plans on adding an in-office chairside mill to allow for same-day crowns and onlays. Also, I mentioned in the video. That is an excellent resource to learn more about exocad.

Video: Anterior Deprogrammer Using D3Splint (Pt 2)

Hello again! In this video I demonstrate how I utilize a wonderful program called D3Splint and Meshmixer to design an anterior flat plane splint. This is part 2 of a 2 part series. If you missed the first video, go back and watch as we showed how to make an upper Anterior deprogrammer using D3Splint. This method will allow you to fabricate great fitting occlusal splints very economically in your office. To learn more about D3Splint or to order the software visit: *I am in no way tied or compensated by this program, I’m just a big fan. Also note that when you go to print these splints on moonray, turn the strength and density of your supports from medium to high. You’ll want to do that anytime you’re printing with a clear resin.