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Fixing Denture Scan in Meshmixer

This video demonstrates fixing any “holes” in a denture scan using Meshmixer. This patient is wanting a new set of dentures. Considering her VDO and lip support were appropriate, we scanner her existing set, which I will then print duplicates of.

Dentures scanned with the CS3600 intraoral scanner. Will print duplicates using the Moonray S 3D printer and NextDent MFH resin

Quick Keys used:

B = Smooth Boundaries

Ctrl + B = Bridge

Shift + T= Soft Transform

Analysis – Inspector to finish filling holes

Single Crown Design in Exocad

I’ve been getting more questions about the workflow in Exocad for basic bread and butter dentistry. This shows an example of a full coverage crown. Nothing glamorous. Now while the video is longer because I was taking my time, it should be noted normal time to design a crown is about 5-6 minutes. The scanner used here is was the CS 3600. Designed in Exocad. Sent to Alien Milling for fabrication and staining/glazing of crown. This combination can be a very cost-effective way to get into digital dentistry. I do have plans on adding an in-office chairside mill to allow for same-day crowns and onlays. Also, I mentioned in the video. That is an excellent resource to learn more about exocad.