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Fixing Denture Scan in Meshmixer

This video demonstrates fixing any “holes” in a denture scan using Meshmixer. This patient is wanting a new set of dentures. Considering her VDO and lip support were appropriate, we scanner her existing set, which I will then print duplicates of.

Dentures scanned with the CS3600 intraoral scanner. Will print duplicates using the Moonray S 3D printer and NextDent MFH resin

Quick Keys used:

B = Smooth Boundaries

Ctrl + B = Bridge

Shift + T= Soft Transform

Analysis – Inspector to finish filling holes

Blue Sky Plan: Converting Intraoral Scans to Models

Hello again! In this video I am going to demonstrate how I use a FREE feature of blue sky plan for my general digital model work. Here I take raw intraoral scans, clean them up, and turn them into print ready models. I also hollow them to save on resin. This is a handy feature, and much quicker and more efficient than having to use a program like meshmixer.

Use this video to practice, or train a team member to be your printing champion!

Exocad WMW Crown #31 (Time Lapse)

Hello again. This is a quick time lapse video demonstrating a crown design on the new Matera version of Exocad. In the near future we’ll have our in-office mill and I’ll demonstrate the bridge to that as well. Scan was performed using the Carestream CS3600

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Single Crown Design in Exocad

I’ve been getting more questions about the workflow in Exocad for basic bread and butter dentistry. This shows an example of a full coverage crown. Nothing glamorous. Now while the video is longer because I was taking my time, it should be noted normal time to design a crown is about 5-6 minutes. The scanner used here is was the CS 3600. Designed in Exocad. Sent to Alien Milling for fabrication and staining/glazing of crown. This combination can be a very cost-effective way to get into digital dentistry. I do have plans on adding an in-office chairside mill to allow for same-day crowns and onlays. Also, I mentioned in the video. That is an excellent resource to learn more about exocad.